American Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics

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The American Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics (AAMCC) provides an organizational framework for medical scientists, laboratory scientists, and other healthcare professionals including but not exclusively academic and practicing physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, nurses, and veterinarians interested in the medical application of chronobiology and chronotherapeutics.

The primary purpose of the AAMCC is to provide a forum for the exchange and discussion of new findings, methods, and applications in medical chronobiology and chronotherapeutics, and for teaching, education and continuing education of the medical application of chronobiology in conjunction and collaboration with other organizations active in chronobiology and related fields of biology and medicine.

The Association will further the cooperation between scientists and health professionals and health care related industries in the development of a meaningful, effective and cost-effective practice of clinical chronobiology and chronotherapeutics.


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