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The Body Clock Guide to Better Health

bodyjpg5What's the best time of day to take your asthma medication? Why can't teenagers get up in the morning? Does an athlete perform better in the morning or the afternoon? Are Pap smears and mammograms more effective at different times during a woman's cycle? Do couples have a better chance of conceiving during the day than at night? How does the body adjust to working the night shift? Why do we tend to gain weight in winter?

All these patterns and mechanisms are governed by the body's internal clock., a clock to which more and more doctors and medical researchers are paying close attention. Chronomedicine, diagnosis and treatment based on body time, is at the cutting edge of mainstream medical practice. Surveys show that most doctors know little about this rapidly evolving field. And since the average visit to a doctor today lasts less that fifteen minutes, you need all the information you can get in order to take charge of your own care and treatment. Just as important, an understanding of the body's internal timing can lead to better overall health and fitness, whatever your age or physical condition.

Michael Smolensky, one of the nation's leading authorities in the field, and Lynne Lamberg, a veteran medical journalist, have distilled mountains of medical research into a highly readable book that combines an exploration of this breakthrough medical science with a wealth of specific, practical health information. Detailed discussions of major health issues such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, medications, sexuality and fertility set the stage for a first of its kind A to Z reference  to specific health disorders. Whether it's arthritis or asthma, diabetes or depression, heart disease or ulcers, breakthroughs in chronomedicine can revolutionize your care. To help you assess your own chronobiological status, the book provides many fill-in diaries that let you track when symptoms worsen or diminish, how medication affects them, how long relief lasts, and whether and when side effects occur.

Filled with up to the minute information and authoritative practical health tips on everything from seasonal affective disorder to jet lag, The Body Clock Guide to Better Health represents the next great leap forward in health and wellness.


"Knowledge about our biologic time structure can help us lead a healthy life..." (Erhard Haus, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Pathology, Regions Hospital; President, American Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics) 

"An extremely well written and authoritative guide, which will be essential reading to all..." (Timothy H. Monk, D.Sc., Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Human Chronobiology Research Program, University of Pittsburgh)

"This is an astonishingly comprehensive description of the interactions of the body's clock system and health and disease..." (Mary Carskadon, Ph.D., President, Sleep Research Society; Director, Sleep and Chronobiology Research Laboratory) 

"...Reading it will be an enjoyable way...to learn more about circadian rhythms and how they impact our health..." (Charmane Eastman, Ph.D., Director, Biological Rhythms Research Laboratory, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, Chicago) 

"...This book shows you how to think about and act in concert with your biological rhythms..." (William J. M. Hrushesky, M.D., Professor, University of South Carolina Cancer Center; Director of Research, Dorn DVAMC) 

"...Easy to use charts help readers track body rhythms in health and disease, while 'Timewise Tips' offer...practical self-care advice." (Richard Martin, M.D., Head, Pulmonary Division; Vice Chair, Department of Medicine, National Jewish Medical and Research Center) 

"Here is your guide to the galaxy of body rhythms: chronomedicine is the new frontier!" (Anna Wirz-Justice, Ph.D., Professor, Centre of Chronobiology, University of Basel, Switzerland)

The Body Clock Guide to Better Health
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